Planned Giving

Planned Giving provides several tangible benefits to donors, depending on the specific plan:planned_giving

  • Income tax deductions
  • Reduced or eliminated capital gains taxes
  • Lifetime incomes for yourself and your spouse
  • Reduced or eliminated estate taxes
  • Preserved financial assets
  • Reduced or eliminated gift taxes

The most common types of planned gifts are:

  • Outright Gifts
  • Life Income Gifts
  • Remainder Trusts
  • Real Estate
  • Lead Trusts
  • Life Insurance Gifts
  • Gifts Through Your Estate

These are some of the easiest ways to provide for your family, remember the Society and realize tax advantages. Planned gifts require the services of a professional to complete. You will need an attorney, accountant, bank trust officer, financial planner, insurance professional, or, at times, all of these. We strongly advise you to discuss any and all financial plans with a professional advisor.

If you would like more information on Planned Giving and including the Society in your estate plans, please call the St. Vincent de Paul office at (208) 331-8409.

Planned Giving Assistance

Please fill out and submit the following form if you require assistance with a planned giving request.

St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
Every week we receive dozens of calls for assistance. Hundreds of volunteers situated across Southwest Idaho go out in pairs to meet with the families and individuals who have called. This is our core work that never stops and is always ready to help our neighbors in need!
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
Last year, St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho made 8,470 Home Visits. One of those was Jennifer. Living on a fixed income, just one financial mistake put her on the brink of homelessness. That's when St. Vincent de Paul stepped in, assisting with her rent that month. Watch her story to see how we work to keep our most vulnerable community members from falling through the cracks. We need your help to provide a safety net for our neighbors in need! Visit our website to donate in the #avenuesforhope campaign! The first $3,000 are matched dollar for dollar by the Home Partnership Foundation Avenues for Hope Idaho Housing and Finance Association
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
We have just published our 2020 Resource Guide! This is an annual publication that we aim to get in the hands of every person exiting incarceration in the area. It has all of the resources for success inside. All of our Immersion Reentry Services are listed as well as many other local agencies and businesses who are working to meet the needs of men and women looking to rebuild their lives after prison. If you are interested in what's in this guide or know someone who could benefit from it. Check out the e-edition at
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
Our Immersion Reentry Services are all about giving men and women who are exiting incarceration a hand up! Watch Kyle's story to hear about how we provided all the resources he needed from day one to get back on his feet and turn his life around!

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St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
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