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St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services is a collection of programs centered around assisting in a successful transition from incarceration back into society for returning citizens. St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services is located at 8620 W. Emerald, Suite 140

Pickup Service

When men and women are released from the prisons south of Boise, sometimes they do not have any means of transportation. They have no network of friends or family that are willing to pick them up. That's where the pickup service comes into play. We will drive out to the prison and be there to greet these individuals as soon as they exit the facility. We are the very first people they interact with out of the prison. From there, we will bring them to the reentry services office, where we will provide first day out services (see below). Then, we will help them check in with parole and make sure they are able to get to where they need to go.

First Day Out

Having a successful reentry into society starts with day one. Getting an ex-offender connected with the right resources and community is crucial. When someone enters the reentry services office they will be connected with a reentry services expert. Almost all of these experts are ex-offenders themselves. They understand the challenges and pitfalls and have overcome them. This reentry expert will work to understand the returning citizen's story and individual needs. This way, they can tailor the First Day Out services to better match their unique situation. The most common services we provide are:

  • Clothing Vouchers for St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores
  • Information on Other Community Resources
  • Guidance on how to Navigate Parole
  • Link to Receptive Groups and Communities
  • Introduce to Employment Services (see below)
  • Many Other Individualized Services


If today is your first day out, or you know someone who is reentering society from prison, visit our reentry services office. 8620 W. Emerald, Suite 140


Employment Services

One of the biggest challenges for returning citizens is finding sustainable employment. The recidivism rate skyrockets when returning citizens cannot find employment fairly rapidly.

St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services can provide the following possible assistance:

  • Initial interview/assessment
  • Resume help
  • Transportation/clothing assistance
  • Career counseling
  • Job search assistance
  • Direct job referrals
  • Follow up

Contact Cindi Real today for an appointment if you or someone you know is struggling to find work. There are resources to find help!

Cindi Real - Employment Specialist

8620 W Emerald Suite 140
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 12:00pm

Offender Resource Guide


St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
Do you have a bicycle sitting in your garage collecting dust? That bike could be key transportation for someone looking to rebuild their life after prison.

Free up space while changing a life! Donate bikes at any of our thrift stores, details at www.svdpid.org

Bikes do not have to be perfect, we'll take care of flat tires and tune-ups.
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
The second Back2Work cohort has begun! After learning valuable lessons from our first cohort in November, we are continuing this program. Now, a much larger group of students are embarking on a two week classroom training that will be followed by internships in trade industries.

This program opens doors to living wage careers and escaping systemic poverty!
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
Eating Well: We have been making some big changes at our food pantries to emphasize nutrition. A healthy diet with proper macronutrients is critical for a healthy lifestyle. This is just one new way we are evolving to serve our neighbors in need. 6 On Your Side - Idaho's Madeline White visited our pantry to learn more about our nutrition focus. Watch that story to learn more:
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