Donate Your Vehicle

Instead of selling, trading or storing your vehicle, you can donate your vehicle to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and receive a tax deduction. The proceeds from your vehicle donation will provide essential needs such as food, shelter and housing, elderly care, medicines and much more.

The Benefits of Donating Your Vehicle:

  • Donating a car Helps provide critical items such as food and shelter.
  • Your donation may enable some to keep a much needed job.
  • Your contribution benefits your local community.


Donate your car for a good feeling!

The donation process is simple and convenient.

For your convenience, we use the Society of St. Vincent de Paul National Vehicle Donation Program. The web site provides hassle free pick-up for your motor vehicle donation within 24 hours. There is absolutely no charge for the free pick-up service!

How can you donate your vehicle? Visit or call toll free (800) 322-8284 for more information. It's that easy.

We'll Take The Car You Take The Tax Deduction And The Good Feeling That Comes With It!

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