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Idaho Press rode along with Mark Renick to learn more about St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services. If you would like to learn more about what we offer and the people we serve this is a fantastic article to read.

KTVB came out to our grand opening open house for St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Services and learned about our new efforts and collaborations to better serve returning citizens as they reenter their communities. That story is here.

Tuesday, February 26th another national news source, Quartz, wrote a story about the issues surrounding the SNAP Gap resulting from the federal shutdown at the beginning of the year. St. Vincent de Paul and the Boise Weekly were quoted in the article. Read here.

National news site Inquisitr spread KTVB's story to their readership of over 40 million the next day. St. Vincent de Paul was the featured organization in this story. Read our fist national press ever here.

KTVB visited our Overland food pantry and detailed the issues of the SNAP Gap. Shira Matsuzawa interviewed both St. Vincent de Paul leadership and clients facing confusion and food insecurity as a result of the gap. Watch/read the story here.

Boise Weekly wrote an article detailing the SNAP Gap and how we are responding to combat it. You can read that article here

The new online magazine The Idaho Gazette did a feature of our partners, the Boise Green Bike. A big part of that was our annual partnership, Cranksgiving. Check that article out here.

1/23/19 has a radio show called Stories from the Street. Our executive director, Ralph May appeared on this program. Listen here.

1/21/19 During our Special MLK dinner, in partnership with and The Boise Philharmonic, KIVI 6 on your side was there to document it. You can watch their story here.

This was the night of our special Martin Luther King Jr. Dinner where we invited the community also but extended a special invitation to federal workers feeling strained by the shutdown. KTVB's Morgan Boydston was there to cover it all in a great story. Watch that here.

Boise State Public Radio detailed a piece about how, the Boise Philharmonic, and St. Vincent de Paul are coming together to provide a special meal for everyone in need of a warm nutritious meal on MLK day and extend a special invitation to those impacted by the federal shutdown. Click here to read/listen to piece.

Have you met Ralph May, our Executive Director? He's an incredible individual that leads St. Vincent de Paul with character and vision. If you want to learn more about his background, read this fabulous article in the Idaho Business Review! We were honored by this whole page article that details his roots and journey through jungle dairy farming to leading Idaho's largest homelessness prevention agency. Click here to read article.

Around the new year a Netflix show began rapidly gaining popularity. It was Marie Kondo's tidying up. With all this cleaning up happening, we saw a clear upswing in donations. KTVB documented that with a great story on their 10:00 news. You can watch that story yourself by clicking here.

As the government shutdown hit its third week and the first paychecks did not arrive, requests for assistance began to rise. We reached out to KTVB to spread the word that St. Vincent de Paul is standing in solidarity with federal workers and we will fight to the end to support them. Watch that story here.

The Idaho Press Tribune put together a fantastic investigative journalism piece detailing the USDA food desert that exists in the area near our Orchard food pantry. Idaho Press shows not just how there is need in this community but also how St. Vincent de Paul and the Boise Bench Suppers Program are coming together to address the need. Read the article here.

As our Annual Christmas Toy Store Program, which serves thousands of children in need each year, was getting started this year we were facing a shortage of toys. KTVB created a news story about the Christmas Toy Store and encouraged contributions. To view news story, click here.

The Idaho Statesman also answered our call for gifts amidst our shorage as we began the Christmas toy store. Read that article here.

During our annual Thanksgiving Food Box Program, we were honored to have KTVB join us at the fairgrounds and put together a great news story encompassing how the Food Box Program works and the impact it makes on the community. To watch news video click here.

The Idaho Statesman Covers the Harvest Dinner. This was a special dinner we hosted at our dining hall in partnership with and and The Boise Philharmonic Orchestra. Read article here.



St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
When Delbert was released from prison, he knew that he wanted to be a productive member of society. However, he did not know how to accomplish that goal. That's where we provided a hand up, along with our partners at IMSI Hope Community Phase II.Take a few minutes to step into Delbert's shoes as you listen to his life story and how we have helped him actualize his goals.
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
Insurance is a huge cost for many people in our communities. That's why St. Vincent de Paul offers no-cost insurance reviews! Our volunteer insurance expert helps clients minimize their costs while maintaining or improving benefits. This means that people can keep food on the table and a roof over their heads without forgoing health insurance. Learn more at
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho
Last month, 445 new families came to our Boise food pantry seeking food assistance. This means we served over 1,400 families in need in July.
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