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The St. Vincent de Paul Re-Entry Conference is an interfaith group who provide assistance to men and women recently released from prison through home visits. The mission is to foster ex-offenders spiritual lives and assist them in their efforts to make a successful transition back into the community.

Home Visits

The heart of our ministry is the home visit. Since we began our home visits in July 2013 we have made over 1,200 home visits. We visit individuals in their homes or on the streets providing transportation assistance, rent assistance, clothing, mental health, clinical referrals, prescription assistance, referral to our employment specialist and food. We also make referrals to agencies that can meet their needs that we don’t provide Our team listens to each individual’s concerns getting to know them personally and discerning how best to help.

Employment Services

It can be very difficult or seemingly impossible to find work upon release from prison. St. Vincent de Paul offers assistance with employment challenges for ex-offenders. Contact Ralph May at (208) 809-7846 or via email if you or someone you know is struggling to find work. There are resources to find help!

Breaking the Chain of Recidivism

Our success is evident in that our recidivism rate averages 19% and comments on six week follow-up calls are overwhelmingly positive. In September 2016 we received an award from the Idaho Department of Corrections for our service to the community. In November 2016 we received a Community Service Award "Pay it Forward" from Mountain American Credit Union for services to the community.

How You Can Help

  • We invite you to come along on a home visit or to a meeting to learn more about our group.
  • Welcome ex-offenders back into the community - especially your church communities.
  • Encourage employers to hire ex-offenders.
  • Write grants to gain funds for our ministry.
  • Encourage landlords to rent to these individuals as many have trouble finding a place to rent.
  • Invite someone from our group out to speak to your community group.
  • Cash Donations are always helpful

For more information, email Mike Gallagher or visit our Facebook page.

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