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St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Programs/Services

Thousands of men and women are released from prison and jails in Idaho every year and must go through the process of reintegration into society. This is a difficult process for so many returning citizens. St. Vincent de Paul is working to improve returning citizens experiences and success rate in a three-pronged effort.

First: The Reentry Conference is an interfaith group dedicated to provide services to women and men recently released from prison or jail. They visit returning citizens and offer an understanding ear and referrals, as well as rent, clothing and transportation support. Currently, this group works with returning citizens primarily in Ada County.

Second: Returning Citizen Employment Assistance Finding work is for most anyone is stressful and difficult, but if you have a criminal record – it can be overwhelming. St. Vincent de Paul offers employment assistance for returning citizens to help find jobs more quickly and speed their integration into society.

Third: Systemic Change of Idaho The obstacles to success for returning citizens can be daunting: housing, transportation, employment, parole restrictions, self-esteem, developing positive family and friend environments, etc. St. Vincent de Paul sponsors Systemic Change of Idaho, a group that works to improve conditions for returning citizens and thereby improve their chances of success in society. This is an advocacy group working to build understanding and affect change in Idaho to bring about better outcomes in our penal system.

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